Cracking the Code: IT-Ready opens the tech industry door

Rebooting a career is not unlike dealing with a locked-up computer. Sometimes a skilled technician is needed to step in and help find a solution. Creating IT Futures provides the “Help Desk” for career changers and entry-level workers looking to break into the burgeoning Information Technology (IT) sector. Through its IT-Ready program, participants learn foundational skills which […]

Career Technical Education: A future with promise

Career & Technical Education in Idaho is not your grandfather’s shop class. It is high-skill, in-demand training that leads to high wages and satisfying careers that run the gamut from nursing and health care, business and accounting, hospitality, computer networking, robotics and high tech, agriculture and food processing, and to a wide range of skilled […]

Summit Plots Workforce Strategies

Business leaders and educators from the Twin Counties and beyond converged on the campus of Edgecombe Community College on Thursday to discuss how the two groups can work together for the betterment of the community. John Chaffee, president and CEO of the NCEast Alliance, the lead economic development organization serving Eastern North Carolina, was the […]

Opportunity America Jobs and Careers Coalition Brief

The Opportunity America Jobs and Careers Coalition is a Washington-based business coalition focused on job training and workforce development. Members include employers and employer associations from a broad range of industries experiencing skills mismatches and worker shortages – IT, manufacturing, construction and hospitality, among others. Opportunity America prepared a short summary of what the new CTE […]

Perkins Reauthorization Bill Heads to President’s Desk

From the ACTE Online CTE POLICY WATCH BLOG…. Earlier today (Wednesday, July 25), the House of Representatives passed legislation to reauthorize the Perkins Act. Following a successful vote on the measure in the Senate on Monday, the bill will now head to the president’s desk where he has indicated, both on Twitter and through a statement, that he will sign […]

The Missing Piece to the Skills Gap Puzzle

SkilledUp takes an in-depth look at how today’s skills gap impacts millennials. Specifically in finding jobs in their field of study and also how this gap affects employers finding qualified candidates for open positions. Monique Sterling partnered with one of SkilledUp’s writers, Anna Cherry, to create this infographic. Click here to learn more about Monique […]

Bridging the STEM Skills Gap Involves Both Education and Industry Commitments

INSIDE SUBARU OF Indiana Automotive, students gather around a scaled-down version of the robotic arms the industry uses to make cars. They watch as it sorts colored blocks on a miniaturized production line, occasionally glancing at the nearby laptop to make sure it is following the commands they programmed. These students are simulating the roles of […]