Month: February 2014

Minnesota Happenings

With an unemployment rate higher than the state average in Bemidji, as well as having the highest poverty rate in the region, Bemidji is able to still experience success with collaboration and partnership between the education system and their area’s industry. Read the article…

Manufacturing-Job Growth Prompts K-12 Training Effort

I was recently interviewed for a magazine article for Education Week Magazine, entitled Manufacturing-Job Growth Prompts K-12 Training Effort by Fenit Nirappil. The author did a good job of identifying the importance of collaboration between the education system and workforce industry.

‘Road to Success’ by Jakub Prokop

I have attached an article entitled ‘Road to Success’ explaining the concerns of the Skills Gap on our present economy, workforce industry and nation’s future from Jakub Prokop, District Resource Teacher in Tampa, FL at Hillsborough County Public Schools. The article which contains a…