Community Service Society of New York

The Community Service Society of New York (CSS) is ‘an informed, incss-logodependent, and unwavering voice for positive action on behalf of more than 3 million low-income New Yorkers. CSS draws on a 170-year history of excellence in addressing the root causes of economic disparity through research, advocacy, litigation, and innovative program models that strengthen and benefit all New Yorkers.’  Through research for an upcoming presentation in Washington, DC, I stumbled upon this excellent report entitled ‘Challenging Traditional Expectations’.  The report is focused on NYC area, but the CTE background knowledge,  statistics,  recommendations and conclusions is extremely impressive and pertinent to all areas across the country.  The dataset utilized included 79,705 students with 6,262 of the students enrolled in CTE schools.  Take a moment to review the document.

‘Commitment to career, technical education key to thriving workforce’

I continue to be encouraged by the support CTE academic program107efdbming is receiving within school districts across the country.  The attention and improvement of CTE programming within our schools benefits and assists the present needs our workforce industry and economy are facing.

An article written by Rep. Joe Heck from Nevada, shared this very motivating fact, ‘Students who pursue career and technical education (CTE) tend to excel academically because they are more interested, energized and engaged studying fields that appeal to them.’ Reading the article will give you a clear picture of the efforts and success of just one school district and their experience with improved efforts and attention to CTE programming. The students are not only learning new skills and are on a path of educational success, but on a path to strengthen the needs of their local economy.

Article: ‘Commitment to career, technical education key to thriving workforce’

Realityworks WI MOTY Award

20140227_210321_editedOn Thursday, February 27th Realityworks, Inc. was recognized at the 2013 WI Manufacture of the Year Awards with a special award for “Innovation Excellence”. The event was in honor of manufacturers contributing to the vibrancy of Wisconsin and our communities through good business practices, innovative processes, and productivity enhancements. As we all know, manufacturing creates economic growth and is the engine that drives the Wisconsin economy.  This event has recognized manufacturing excellence for over 25 years!  It celebrates the successes of manufacturers in the state: their innovations, philanthropy, technological advances, commitment to customer satisfaction, and quality jobs.  Job well done!

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