Mend the gap?

Mend the Gap2An article entitled ‘Mend the Gap: What one thing would you do to close the skills gap by 2025?’ intrigued me to continue reading when it came across my daily Google alerts.  I was pleasantly surprised when I read the byline of the article – ‘City & Guilds, in partnership with the New Statesman, brought industry and academia together….’ The information has a UK foundation, but the information documented within the article aligns with what the US is presently experiencing, also.  For example the interlinked issues in the UK featured in the article included:

  • Impact of technology, both as an enabler of new skills and as an inhibitor of job creation
  • Twin demographic of youth unemployment and an ageing population
  • Ongoing disparity of opportunity between the sexes.

Solutions within the article included ‘transforming of old careers’, ‘adapt to a changing working environment’, ‘injection of entrepreneurialism not just among students but with teachers’ and many more.
The closing of the article resonated with me.  Sir John Armitt, chairman of City & Guilds was quoted of saying, “Education should be about getting people to a point where they are going to make a real contribution to society, and that must mean a closer linkage between the education system and subsequent life.”

Take a moment and click here to read the article.  Confident you will not be disappointed.


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