Devin Davis Testimonial

testimonial iconWhen high school senior Devin Davis became a teen parent at 16, he thought parenting would be fun – until his son was born and reality hit. Two years later, this New Yorker has dedicated his senior project to helping his classmates make more informed decisions regarding sexual activity by writing curriculum that features Realityworks’ RealCare Baby infant simulators. Although the Centers for Disease Control report that teen births in the US have declined over the last 20 years to the lowest level ever recorded, nearly 1,700 teens ages 15 to 17 years still give birth every week. Devin, who shares custody of his now 2-year-old son, hopes to reduce the number of teen pregnancies in his school and nationwide by showing those teens – his peers – the realities of being a teen parent.

Confident you will find value and respect for this young man’s desire for his community. Click here to read, Devin Davis Testimonial-Ticonderoga NY.

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