Bridging Gaps for a Brighter Future

This past week St. George News published a great article entitled ‘How to give your high schooler a leg up; programs to bridge gaps, brighten futures’.  I value not only Dixie Applied Technology College’s innovative idea of ‘providing a kinetic approach to studying the four education focuses of today’s industries; of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math‘, […]

5 States Facing the Skills Gap

The Industry Workforce Needs Council (IWNC) was formed a little over 18 months ago. The mission of the IWNC is to, ‘increase the population of ready skilled workers in America through better alignment between the educational system and the opportunities created by industry.‘ The IWNC members believe industry should start supporting and championing the critical […]

Career Tech has Big Champion in President Obama

The article below highlights not only President Obama’s support for CTE, but also the success of Worcester Technical High School and CTE programs overseas.  Vocational education, now referred to as Consumer and Technical Education (CTE) has had a bad reputation in the U.S. Typically, CTE classes were suggested for the ‘underachievers’. Today, high school is […]

Assemblyman Pushes For Career And Technical Education Diploma

The attached article can truly be summed up with this quote from Debbie Biastre of the Lackawanna City School District, “A lot of the focus has been on college readiness and not necessarily career readiness, and we’re missing an entire facet of the workforce.” The article entitled, ‘Assemblyman Pushes For Career And Technical Education Diploma,’ […]