5 States Facing the Skills Gap

The Industry Workforce Needs Council (IWNC) was formed a little over 18 months ago. The mission of the IWNC is to, ‘increase the population of ready skilled workers in America through better alignment between the educational system and the opportunities created by industry.‘ The IWNC members believe industry should start supporting and championing the critical education programs America needs to build the pipeline of ready skilled workers for our future.

The IWNC focuses on strengthening Consumer & Technical Education (CTE), helps Doc1align business and education while promoting the change in negative perception pertaining to CTE. Furthermore, the IWNC understands the importance of identifying the skill and competency within industry in an economic region, the alignment of educational outcomes to meet those needs, and the level of engagement of industry in supporting and nurturing the system. Similar ideology to the IWNC is focused within this article entitled ‘5 States Facing a Skills Gap and What They’re Doing to Beat It’ posted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

As the article noted, ‘states and their governors play a pivotal role in filling the talent pipeline, providing critical leadership to link businesses with the education system’.  Each of our 50 states have their own economic challenges with differing levels of need for its’ individual industries, but what all 50 states have is the need and availability for collaboration between industry and education.

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