Career and Technical Education: Addressing the Skills Gap Through Industry and Education Collaboration

EI-e1394054227798I had the opportunity to write an ‘Ednet – Insight’ article from the viewpoint of
industry.  EdNET Insightis the K-12 education industry’s trusted source for information and consulting services, combining the proven power of research and analysis with recognized industry experts to deliver an insightful, comprehensive view of the trends and influences that are shaping the education market today—and

The article contains the following talking points:

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ reports that 11 million Americans are currently unemployed despite the existence of 4 million unfilled jobs.
  • Improved collaboration between the educational system and the industries in need of workers is one solution to this ‘skills gap’.
  • Businesses need to be engaged in the development of their local and regional educational programs, while educators match their curricula to industry requirements so students receive the education and skills needed for employment.
  • By creating a stronger partnership between industry and education, students will enter the workforce with the ability to succeed in in-demand careers.
Read on to learn more about addressing the skills gap through industry and education collaboration. Read More »


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