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Students need to make a choice whether to go off to college or delve directly into work. Neither is a wrong choice, but both opportunities need to be available based on the students ability and desire.  By offering a variety of internships both for trade schools and universities, will mold a student’s education to help them succeed in the future, whatever their career choice might be.  By partnering with local schools, businesses can help to mentor a student and boost their opportunity for success.  A lot of the education comes from a classroom, but the most important part of learning comes from actually being on the job.  A lot of that education comes from a classroom, but the most important part of learning comes from actually being on the job.  (Source Sharn Enterprises, Inc.)

The educational infographic below depicts the education changes since 1973.


FAB Lab Gives Students Real-World Experience

A fab lab (fabrication laboratory) is a small-scale workshop offering (personal) digital fabrication. A fab lab is generally equipped with an array of flexible computer-controlled tools that cover several different length scales and various materials, with the aim to make “almost anything”.  (Source Wikipedia) 

Denfeld and Duluth East High School (in Duluth, Minnesota) students now have access to a FAB Lab –  a space for engineering, design, robotics, graphic arts and digital design projects.   The lab, and the career and technical success program was created in partnership with several community organizations.

Click here to read Nikki Davidson’s article from the Fox21 Local News website. 

Ag students’ project hits the mark in Oklahoma

Steel targets made by Pryor agriculture education students will make a big difference to Pryor Police Department.  Students created four steel knocking-down shooting targets.  The PPD collaborated with the school by furnishing the supplies to the students, while Mr. Taylor, Ag teacher, and students supplied the knowledge and skills.

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Jones County Junior College’s welding program earns Silver Endorsement

The Central Gulf Industrial Alliance (CGIA) Endorsement Program identifies those industrial construction training programs throughout the Central Gulf Coast region which are training at or above industry standards.  There are countless benefits to being a CGIA endorsed school, including access to guest speakers, industrial facility tours and being highlighted in CGIA’s “School Spotlight” posts on CGIA’s social media pages. Endorsed programs even have the upper hand when it comes to graduate placement, as the schools’ qualified candidates are posted to the CGIA Member’s Only Job Board, where employers have direct access to that valuable information.

JCJC’s (located in Ellisville, MS) endorsement by CGIA is like getting a 5-star approval from experts in the industry.

Click here to read Erica Davis’, producer from WDAM, complete story of the JCJC’s accomplishment.

Next Generation Welder Learning Facility

The Hobart Institute of Welding Technology (HIWT) has opened the “Next Generation Welder Learning Facility” on its Troy (Ohio) campus. The completely new 16,000-plus square foot building began hosting classes in late October, and is an important addition to the 13-acre campus that has trained more than 100,000 welders.

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What is the “Tech Skills Gap”?

As tech spreads to every industry the demand for skilled professionals is growing fast. Tech and computer jobs are especially hard to fill, with 71 percent of companies with unfilled positions seeking qualified workers in technology or math. (Source: Entrepreneur)

By building a bridge between the unemployed and the tech world, CareerFoundry illustrated the current tech opportunities in the infographic below.


Brunswick County Schools (North Carolina)

Career and technical education prepares students for future career-technical education and lifelong learning, as well as employment.  CTE at Brunswick County Schools empowers students to be successful citizens, workers and leaders in a global economy.

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Manufacturing’s big challenge: Finding skilled and interested workers

Despite the national hand-wringing about manufacturing jobs lost to automation and cheaper foreign labor, some manufacturers say the industry’s health relies more on training people for the jobs that will keep their companies competitive in the future.

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Business Get Creative to Address the Skills Gap

The skills gap is a significant hurdle to growth for most businesses in the United States. And while this gap is well documented in sectors like manufacturing, which had 353,000 open jobs per month on average in 2016 (through August), it is not as well known that small employers face a similar shortage of well-qualified workers.

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