Leaders could be looking at job market all wrong

President Barack Obama is handing off to President-elect Donald Trump after an impressive labor-market recovery.

December 2016 marked the 75th straight month of job creation in the US. There has never been a streak this long in the 78 years the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported employment figures.

The unemployment rate was 4.7%, less than half of the 10% peak in 2009.

The jump in average hourly earnings — to the highest year-over-year growth rate since 2009 — showed that the labor market continued to tighten.

“Obama gets high marks for a pretty solid and complete labor market recovery,” said Harry Holzer, a professor of public policy at Georgetown University. “But there are at least two or three large problems remaining,” he told Business Insider.

Click here to read about the two or three large problems remaining. 

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