Mining for Talent

Determining whether a job candidate has the necessary soft skills is both an art and a science.

For years, we’ve heard rhetoric from employers of a full-blown talent crisis. Their main complaint? A skills gap, highly focused on the shortage of technical skills. However, as critical as those skills are, the focus on them by many HR departments, recruiters and hiring managers has, in effect, eclipsed the search for another very important skill set: soft skills. Interestingly, a recent LinkedIn survey of U.S. hiring managers found that 59 percent of them believe that soft skills are very difficult to find.

Hiring has always been a risky business, and the risk in making a bad hire increases dramatically when employers fail to assess for soft skills. These skills encompass everything from communication to initiative. They’re critical to almost every role in every industry, but are incredibly tough to uncover in the hiring process. This is often because those conducting interviews aren’t necessarily equipped with the insights and tactics to properly pull this type of information out of candidates during interviews.

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