How New York business leaders can close the accounting skills gap

New York’s sheer economic force, combined with massive (and growing) industries including financial services, health care and manufacturing, makes the need for competent finance teams vital to its all-around success.

On a whole, there are more than 1,000 accounting jobs in New York alone, serving each of its major industries.

Though jobs are available and abundant, hiring qualified accounting and finance professionals remains a challenge. In fact, in its 2016 Talent Shortage Survey, The Manpower Group identified accounting and finance as one of the top ten most difficult jobs to fill within the United States, citing the lack of soft skills (or workplace competencies) as a contributing factor.

The problem — known as the skills gap — is complex, but can be broken down into two prevailing forces.

Click here to read more about the two prevailing forces by Jeffrey Thomson from the New York Business Journal. 

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