Bridging the Advanced Manufacturing Skills Gap with Talented Military Veterans

There is a great opportunity for advanced manufacturing organizations to develop workforce talent with current employees through programs that also benefit their communities. Project-based training is a great way to involve the locals and additionally create awareness of the technologies of the future, the organization and those who will be the workers working in it for generations to come. We are in an exciting time where these innovations are pushing the boundaries on a day-to-day basis. It is up to manufacturers to do what some think is unconventional. 3D Veterans has seen tremendous success in many areas, from retention of knowledge, to the innovative solutions that veterans are developing with the new access of information, the skillsets, and the awareness of the technology that is and will keep changing the world for the better.

Click here to read Michael Moncada’s, US Army Veteran and CEO, complete article published with AdvancedManufacturing.Org.

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