How the Soft-Skills Gap Creates Quality Problems

The largest problems facing businesses isn’t competition, globalization, or access to capital. It is something else, something embedded in the fabric of organizations as their most important asset. Human capital, the people who make organizations work, is one of the largest single issues being faced in today’s business environment. Why is this so? With all […]

3 Ways to Identify, and Fill, the Skills Gap at Your Workplace

Managers in almost all major industries are currently sending themselves into a tizzy trying to solve the skills gap problem. A long-standing concern, “skills gap” is the term for the void of qualified talent that may be recognized when it comes to a company filling positions. And, even in an economy where people lack jobs, the […]

Welding lab opens at Columbus Tech after $1.69 million renovation

Columbus Technical College faculty and board of directors members cut the ribbon Tuesday on a newly renovated welding lab that was first built in 1978. The state-of-the-art facility will prepare students with the skills needed as manufacturing becomes more technologically advanced. The new lab is environmentally safer for students, and is more conducive to holding […]

North Hills welding program offers students unique opportunity

There is a waiting list to get into welding class at North Hills High School. “The class is so much fun,” said senior Anna Marchese, 17, as she secured her safety goggles and ignited a welding torch. She is the first female to take the class since North Hills began offering it in 2013. “The […]

25 CTE Innovations and Innovators

Career and Technical Education will become an even more important aspect of lifelong and post-secondary learning as the world shifts toward the gig and project-based economy. Today, we are recognizing 25 CTE innovations and innovators that are educating people of all ages in ways that prepare them for the changes to come. Click here to […]

Fuel Education Launches CTE Program for California With 15 Career Pathways

Fuel Education (FuelEd) today launched its Career Readiness Pathways for California. The online and blended learning program features more than 15 career pathways that align with the California Department of Education‘s (CDE) career and technical education (CTE) model standards, as well as more than 100 CTE courses beyond the program courses and supporting services. Click here to […]