Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act funds in-demand skills training

Like many advanced manufacturers throughout the Lincoln Trail region, Tower International is dedicated to ensuring its employees have the right skills. It’s a practice that not only allows employees to grow professionally and advance their careers, but it also promotes the company’s competitiveness.

A global leader in metal stamping for the automotive and other industries, Tower International has enjoyed expansions – more than doubling the size of its operations since opening in 1996. In addition, the industry is driven more than ever by state-of-the-art technology. This has created new opportunities for skilled workers at a time when manufacturers across the state and the country are struggling to fill a technical skills gap.

More and more companies are addressing the skills gap by helping existing employees develop new skills or, to put it another way, growing their own talent.

Click here to read Jim Skees’ article on how more and more companies are addressing the skills gap in Kentucky from  The New-Enterprise website. 

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