How the Soft-Skills Gap Creates Quality Problems

The largest problems facing businesses isn’t competition, globalization, or access to capital. It is something else, something embedded in the fabric of organizations as their most important asset. Human capital, the people who make organizations work, is one of the largest single issues being faced in today’s business environment.

Why is this so? With all of the tech-savvy individuals entering the workforce, both highly intelligent and technically proficient, why would they be identified as the “root of quality problems” within an organization? Basically it has more to do with what people don’t have vs. what they have in the way of knowledge, skills, and competencies (KSC). Technically, they are in high demand and fit for purpose (i.e., they meet the needs of the job). Culturally, however, they are lacking some important KSCs: the soft skills.

Click here to read Peter Robustelli’s complete article from the QualityDigest website. 

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