Some Companies Will Hire Only If You Already have a Job

Increasingly, jobless workers are facing the ultimate barrier: Some companies are saying if you’re out of work, we don’t want to hire you. An advocacy group for low-income and unemployed workers says that policy may be illegal. Click here to listen to the 4:45 NPR report recording. 

How Millennials Are Bridging The Skills Gap

We all agree advancing in life is like climbing a ladder. Problem is, the rungs on that ladder are getting farther and farther apart all the time. Millennials make 20% less money than baby boomers did for the same work, at the same age. They’ll also have to save twice as much for retirement as […]

Mike Rowe on How to Combat Unemployment & the Skills Gap

Television host Mike Rowe explained Wednesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” the importance of fixing the “skills gap” in America. Rowe said there are 5.6 million job openings waiting to be filled in fields that for the most part do not require a bachelor’s degree. The former “Dirty Jobs” host and QVC pitchman said he’s sent […]

Bridging the skills gap of young leaders in your business

Organizations cannot just turn a blind eye on the increasing number of younger workforce and millennial leaders, coupled with a large number of baby boomers. One of the biggest challenge for leaders today is managing these different personalities while maintaining a strong, productive culture in a diverse environment. There is a study that shows the […]

‘Cheers’ co-star headlines Q-C manufacturing conference

Best known as the know-it-all mail carrier Cliff Clavin on the television show “Cheers,” actor John Ratzenberger is criss-crossing the country these days with a warning about the future of American manufacturing and the severe skills shortage ahead.   ”We’re approaching an industrial tsunami. What’s going to happen is we’re going to end up in a […]

Close Essential Skills Gaps Through Language and Cultural Training

Employee retention and skills gaps remain some of the top concerns for talent development professionals. This challenge is felt most strongly in industries where retention is consistently low, such as hospitality. The challenges grow when your workforce is multicultural and lacking in essential skills, such as fluency in English and business communications. Hospitality is an […]

Community colleges changing career training for future jobs

Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders recently approved a plan to repair our state’s aging roads and bridges bringing economic and workforce issues to the forefront of the conversation. Modernizing infrastructure deserves to be a top public priority, but for workers to benefit and prosper in our economy, they must have access to necessary skills. […]