Fixing the Pay Gap Starts With Your Salary Negotiation Skills

Chances are, you didn’t negotiate your last salary offer — more than half of all American workers don’t. Women are especially reluctant, fearing they’ll look pushy or even lose the job offer entirely.

And while not asking for more can hold anyone back, this practice has dramatic impact on those who get offered lower wages to begin with. Research has revealed that wage gaps exist across gender, race and age lines and across education levels and fields from tech to elementary education. Being underpaid means being more likely to struggle with things like daily expenses, retirement savings and escaping poverty.

While many employers — especially in male-dominated tech — are working to correct these issues, employees and hiring managers can do their part by getting better at negotiation. After all, even those who do negotiate often don’t think they did it effectively.

Click here to read Sally Klingel’s three common negotiation scenorios published within the Entrepreneur. 

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