IoT World Forum: Mind The Skills Gap With Insights Services

IoT World Forum 2017 has just wrapped up and the biggest takeaway was the skills gap. Companies don’t have the expertise to fully implement and benefit from their IoT initiatives. This was the fourth year of the event, with a theme of “taking IoT to the next level” and “bringing it all together.” The organizers were […]

Employers Need to Get Creative If They are Going to Fill Open Vacancies

Virginia’s jobless rate stood at 3.8 percent in April. Even before the low unemployment rate, employers have been complaining of vacancies that go unfilled because of the lack of available skilled workers. The issue of a skills gap reached the concern of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission which, last month, held a public meeting on […]

JPMorgan Chase pledges $17M towards job training for high school grads

JPMorgan Chase & Co. today announced a $17 million, five-year commitment to U.S. cities working to increase the number of teens with access to quality summer work experiences that put them on a path to greater economic mobility. As part of the firm’s more than $325 million global investment in skills development, this nationwide effort […]

Bridging the skills gap in automotive manufacturing

Automotive manufacturers are currently facing a series of challenges. With increased pressure to meet customer demand for more personalised designs, they are tasked with creating a more flexible production environment, reducing engineering time and costs, and accelerating speed to market if they are to remain competitive. In addition, like other industries, automotive is looking at […]

Medical technologist finds niche as CTE teacher

Fifteen years ago as a medical technologist, Brian Rookstool looked forward to meeting high school students coming through the hospitals while doing medical internships for their classes. “I found myself enjoying it. I enjoyed teaching to the point I decided to pursue a career in education,” Rookstool said last week after school in his classroom […]

Overcoming the Skills Gap With On-the-Job Training

Much has been written about the skills gap in terms of the lack of qualified security practitioners to fill the roles available within organizations. In fact, the skills gap is currently one of the top concerns for CISOs, and the situation is poised to get event worse. A recent Frost & Sullivan report looked at the […]

Companies Want Tech Skills — and the Ability to Write in Complete Sentences

The job market for new college graduates has finally seemed to shake off its recession-era doldrums, with one estimate putting inflation-adjusted salaries at 14 percent higher than pre-recession levels. While the growing demand for scarce STEM skills is one driver of this increase, HR experts say another, less-visible factor is the number of young adults […]