Computer skills a must in today’s workforce

You can often find articles discussing a skills gap in today’s workforce. What this means varies, depending on the source, the profession and the skills being addressed. Different industries have different needs, as do workers in different stages of their professional lives. It’s not easy to address them all.

My colleague, Pam Wright, wrote in a past issue about the need for soft skills training – those crucial customer service and collaborative skills that are relevant to all industries. These remain as important as ever, but businesses are also looking for something else that has an impact on day-to-day operations and future success: computer skills.

At first, this seems like a no-brainer. Of course, computer skills are important. It’s 2017 – technology is everywhere. Everyone has a smartphone, tablet or other device. Even with so much technology in our lives, those everyday interactions don’t always translate to the workplace.

 The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found in 2012 that more than half of jobs required some kind of technology skills. By 2020, that number is forecast to reach 77 percent. That means in less than three years three out of four jobs in this country will require some level of computer proficiency.

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