A fortified technology workforce begins in the classroom

Growing and maintaining a sufficiently qualified pool of professionals is a challenge

Technology is pervasive. It enables almost everything in our world. As society continues to embrace technology’s positive potential, we must mitigate the risks that arise from the same advances that contribute to improving the quality of our lives and society as a whole. Given the rapidly evolving technology landscape, it is no surprise that one of the most significant and pressing challenges is that of growing and maintaining a sufficiently qualified pool of professionals. Unfortunately, this challenge remains as yet unmet, as evidenced by the ongoing widening of the skills gap in technology-centered professions.

While there is no one solution to addressing the skills gap, academic institutions are in a position to do more. By acknowledging the realities students will face upon graduation, graduates can be equipped with applied technology skills and experiences that increase their understanding of the important role technology plays in driving individual and organizational performance in a global digital economy that has already begun to evolve, in varying degrees, into a cognitive economy.

Click here to read Matt Loeb’s opinion piece published on the CSO website. 

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