Having to fight to fund FFA and similar programs is absurd

Career Technical Education programs are the future of our region and our entire economy. I do not understand why so many of my colleagues in Sacramento have a hard time understanding this fact.

This month’s fight in the legislature over CTE programs – a fight that could have stripped funding for programs like the Future Farmers of America and others – was an unnecessary and misguided attempt to eliminate something that represents a fundamental and pivotal investment in our future.

In 2014, Gov. Jerry Brown made a similar proposal to eliminate CTE funding and FFA Incentive Grants. And, much like earlier this month, the governor was overwhelmed by a tremendous amount of disapproval from the Central Valley and other regions in the state which depend on funding these programs for their very future.

Click here to read Assemblyman Heath Flora’s complete article published on The Modesto Bee website. 

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