Widening Skill Gap a Big Concern

Skill gap is becoming a major concern and is more prevalent in the IT industry, compared to the non-IT industries. The lack of personnel with appropriate skills is making HR departments uneasy, causing them to rethink their strategies, according to a new report released by CompTIA called “Assessing the IT Skills Gap”. While 46% of the respondents said that skill gap had become more problematic in the past two years, 54% were struggling to identify and assess skill gaps in their organizations.

The report also unveils that there is more to the problem than just a difference between the desired outcome and the work delivered. The survey, which covered 600 executives, found that skill gaps include challenges such as labor supply gap, employee pipeline gap, location gap, pay gap, and also generational gap.

Click here to read the rest of Pratibha Nanduri’s article published on teh HR Technologist website.

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