How 3 Companies are Closing the Skills Gap for Youth in the U.S.

At International Youth Foundation (IYF), we know that too many young people have inadequate access to opportunities to learn, grow, and hone their skills. This month, the Business Roundtable released Work in Progress: How CEOs Are Helping Close America’s Skills Gap, a report outlining the difficulty U.S. companies face in finding workers with the right competencies and how 63 companies are undertaking projects to make sure workers of all ages can get and keep the jobs of today and tomorrow.

The report identifies three types of skills gaps that companies in the U.S. face: lack of fundamental employability skills like communication and working in teams; lack of a specialized skill for the trade industry; and lack of applicants who have skills related to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Click here to read Kristin Gaddy’s complete article published on the International Youth Foundation website.

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