Three Ways Job Seekers Can Take Advantage of the Global Skills Gap

Employers around the world bemoan the dreading skills gap, lamenting that they can’t find workers with the appropriate training to fill sorely needed roles. Meanwhile, millions of would-be workers are unemployed or underemployed. So where is the disconnect? And more importantly, how can it be fixed?

 It’s a complex, seemingly intractable issue – but Mona Mourshed, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, is dedicated to solving it at both the education and job placement levels.

Mourshed leads both McKinsey’s global Education Practice, which supports schools and vocational institutions to improve students’ skills, and the company’s Generation initiative places disconnected young adults in jobs through innovative training programs. She explains how Generation is working to create a replicable model to narrow the skills gap through focused training of young people – and how job seekers of any age can position themselves to fill the gap, too.

Click here to read Julianne Pepitone’s entire article published on the Glassdoor website.

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