How your company can keep pace with disruption

Canada’s work force is in a period of unprecedented change, with shifting demographics and technological innovation dramatically altering what it takes for both businesses and professionals to be successful.

Seniors out-number children for the first time ever, and our working-age population is steadily declining.

Yet the trend with the greatest potential to transform our work force is innovation. The blistering pace of technological change makes it difficult for schools, governments and business leaders to properly train workers for existing and future jobs, which is widening the gap between the skills professionals have and the skills employers need.

One of the best ways to narrow skills gaps is by sharing new insights that complement existing economic indicators and can help workers better navigate their careers.

We recently released LinkedIn Canada’s first Workforce Report for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), harnessing our data from millions of members in the region and thousands of companies using LinkedIn to uncover key work-force trends on hiring rates, skills gaps and talent migration.

Click here to read Jonathan Lister’s, VP of sales and country Manager of LinkedIn Canada, complete article osted onthe The Globe and Mail Inc. website. 

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