The Healthcare Skills Gap May Work to Your Advantage

There has been a developing gap between healthcare jobs available and healthcare professionals that have the appropriate qualifications to fill them. As a response, the healthcare field is changing, especially for nurses. With so many vacancies and little to no qualified talent to fill them, this dilemma is creating a more intense healthcare skills gap. Many Baby Boomer healthcare educators are nearing retirement age, leaving room for highly qualified instructors to fill these vacant roles within healthcare education programs. However, many factors are limiting healthcare facilities from finding the right individuals to fill these spots.

Individuals who are looking for a job in the healthcare industry should be aware of what circumstances are contributing to the skills gap. Knowing these stumbling blocks can help hopeful healthcare professionals and current healthcare employers navigate this skills gap and improve their chances of employment. The top five contributors to the gap are a lack of education, different expectations for pay, poor interviewing skills, above entry-level job requirements, and a lack of on-the-job training.

Click here to read Rick Delgado’s complete article published on the Health Tech Zone website. 

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