Workforce gap in L.A. regoin means thousands of middle-skills jobs could go unfilled

Community Colleges in Los Angeles and Orange County were challenged Tuesday to up their game in workforce preparation for the region.

new report produced by the recently launched Center for a Competitive Workforce indicates that if current trends continue, 42 percent of the workforce demand in the region will not be met over the next five years. Also — importantly — the report notes too many new jobs being created low wage and low skill.

The report analyzes 20 middle-skill occupations for which the 28 community colleges in L.A. and Orange Counties offer degree and certificate programs. The occupations are employed by six key industries with a competitive advantage in the greater Los Angeles region.

There will be approximately 67,450 job openings in the region over the next five years for the 20 occupations examined in the report. But, according to the latest data available, from the academic year 2014-15, there were fewer than 27,000 career education award earners in the greater Los Angeles Basin. And only about 7,800 awards were conferred in programs training for the 20 target occupations.

Nine of those 28 community colleges are in the Los Angeles Community College District, the largest district in California.

Click here to read the Ed Coghlan’s entire article published on the CA FWD website. 

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