How schools can help close the skills gap (Britain Based)

The lack of skills in workers fresh to the workforce isn’t a new problem – according to the Unlocking Britain’s Potential report from 2012, 53% of employers and 46% of employees say that university does not equip graduates with the right skills for the workplace.

The research also found that 52% of workers think the education system has failed to provide young people with the skills needed for the workplace. In fact, 46% of graduate workers confirm this, believing that university does not give them the right skills they need to do their job.

This was reflected in more recent research carried out by Career Colleges. Their research found that: ‘three quarters (76%) of pupils say that their school trains them just to pass exams and get good grades rather than preparing them for the world of work.’

In light of the recent Matthew Taylor review, here’s what the education system can do to better prepare people for the world of work, and ultimately help to close the skills gaps.

Click here to read Chris Moore’s complete article posted on the Training Journal website.

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