Apprenticeship: An answer to Minnesota’s skills gap

Across Minnesota, employers are worried about the shortage of job candidates with the necessary skills and abilities to enter high-demand occupations.

For more and more employers, the answer to addressing this skills gap is to use the centuries-old apprenticeship training system that combines on-the-job learning with formal classroom instruction to train workers for today’s more complicated, technical jobs.

Employers use apprenticeship programs to recruit, train and retain a more highly skilled, diverse and inclusive workforce that suits their business needs. For their part, apprentices earn livable wages that increase with training while they learn and practice related skills and workplace safety. When they complete their apprenticeships, workers are given a nationally recognized certification attesting to their mastery of skills, just as college graduates receive diplomas.

Today, nearly 200 active registered apprenticeship programs in high-growth, high-demand industries, such as advanced manufacturing, construction, health care, utilities and transportation, are training apprentices in Minnesota. The programs have more than 11,250 registered apprentices, including more women, minorities and veterans than ever before. Each program offers apprentices a clear career path from unskilled learner to expert craftsperson.

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