More than a quarter of professionals under 40 lie on their resume—here’s why

Hiring managers often rely on resumes to figure out whether or not applicants are qualified for a job. But, according to a recent report from online learning platform Udemy, what’s outlined on a candidate’s resume may not exactly match their skills.

As a result of a changing job market, and worries about the future, Udemy found that a significant number of workers feel more inclined to lie about their skills in order to get hired, particularly young people.

“Only 7 percent of people over 40 quoted they were lying about their credentials. For people under 40 it went up to 26 percent,” Udemy’s head of learning and development, Shelley Osborne, tells CNBC Make It.

“The nature of jobs is quickly changing with automation, globalization, government policies, and other factors, making it impossible for anyone to predict which skills a job will require in the future,” Udemy CEO Kevin Johnson said in a news release.

Click here to read Courtney Connley’s complete article published on the CNBC website.

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