Nike builds ‘soft skills’ in Oregon high schoolers with investment in AVID

Nike is one of several private-sector companies featured in a new report about building “soft skills” in the next generation of professionals.

A recent study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and global nonprofit AVID (advancement via individual determination) revealed that businesses are increasingly coming up short when looking for young, entry-level employees with the “soft skills” needed to be successful in a professional environment.

“Soft skills” are things like making phone calls, maintaining eye contact and understanding interpersonal communication.

The study, called the “Bridging the Soft Skills Gap,” references a Wall Street Journal survey of about 900 executives, ninety-two percent of whom said soft skills are equally or more important than technical skills for new hires, but 89 percent said they have a hard time finding employees with those skills.

Click here to read Clare Duffy’s complete article published on the Portland Business Journal website. 

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