Sector Partnerships + Career Pathways = A Healthy Local Economy

There’s a lot of jargon in education … just like there’s jargon in every industry. Because education is vitally important to nearly every industry (e.g. healthcare, manufacturing, utilities, finance, communications, agriculture and more), I’d like to review some of the current lingo and talk about what it really means for our local communities.

Specifically, let’s examine sector partnerships, skilled workforce, skills gaps, advanced manufacturing, and career pathways.

Sector Partnerships involve getting specific industry representatives sitting around the same table to focus on their own workforce needs. For the last several years, Iowa Valley Community College District (IVCCD) has heard local employers talk about the lack of a skilled workforce. Very simply, this means the employers either have or anticipate having jobs that require specific skills, and there are not enough skilled workers in the local workforce to fill those positions. When there are people who need jobs but don’t have the skills or training required, that’s known as a skills gap.

Click here to read Sandy Supianoski’s entire article published on the Times-Republican website.

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