West Philly High preps students for careers through CTE programs

Career and technical education (CTE) programs, cutting-edge technology, student leadership and supportive teachers and staff are all elements at the heart of the curriculum at West Philadelphia High School.

“West Philly High is a good school. I really like the CTE programs,” said junior Tahje Faruqi. “I’ve always been interested in computers and videos, so the computer systems networking program was the best fit for me. I’ve learned a lot since being in the program. I’m gaining more knowledge of how the computer works and how to operate and create different operating systems.”

West Philly High offers its students a variety of CTE programs including digital media production, architectural drafting and design, and computer systems networking. Upon the completion of the program, students can earn certifications that are accepted in the professional world.

 “We have been discussing with our advisory board members for the past couple of years about developing a space for the students to come in and have a think tank,” said career awareness specialist Diana Rodriguez. “We wanted to have a place within the school building that they can just let their innovative juices flow and let their minds create. We have a partnership with the Comcast Corporation so now our students are able to have full internships with the organization.

“West Philly High was also just recognized by the State Department of Education for our CTE programs,” she added. “We have the most nontraditional students in CTE programs, so the State Department of Education wanted to know from us what our best practices were to accomplish this. We’re just trying to give our students as many opportunities to create, think freely and be innovative through our CTE programs. Our hope is that what they learn here they will be able to transfer it into their life and career while changing the world and their community in the process.”

Click here to read Chanel Hill’s complete article posted on The Philadelphia Tribune.

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