Op-Ed: Technical schools offer strong alternative to 4-year degree

High school graduates heading off to a four-year university have a good idea what the next several years will hold, but for those interested in a different kind of career, the path may not be so clear. For students who are mechanically minded and like hands-on learning, a quality technical education could make the difference between a winding path that leads to uncertainty or being on the road to rewarding, long-term careers that help to fill the nation’s skills gap.

Commonly, young adults are steered away from vocational careers based on faulty perceptions about what it means to work in a skilled trade. A recent analysis of the federal College Scorecard data and U.S. labor market trends finds that students who get an industry-aligned, quality post-secondary technical education are earning more, on average, after 10 years than their peers from some of the nation’s liberal arts colleges and two-year community colleges.

Click here to read Darrin Brust’s complete opinion piece published on the Biz Journals website. 

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