2018’s challenge: Too many jobs, not enough workers

Employers nationwide are grappling with a problem that threatens to stall economic growth: vacancies — and lots of them.

In Maine, where flurries can fall as late as April, the state transportation department is struggling to find snowplow drivers, thanks to the increasingly tight labor market. Ski resorts in the state, meanwhile, are still looking for employees to run the slopes.

Texas, too, is dealing with a labor shortage. As the price of oil climbs, drillers are ramping up production, but they need more truckers to haul it. Energy companies fear a dearth of such workers could eventually force them to limit production.

And Florida lacks the construction workers to keep up with its housing need, plus additional repairs from Hurricane Irma.

These are just a few glimpses into the country’s biggest scramble for workers in decades.

Click here to read Danielle Paquette’s complete article published on The Washington Post website. 

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