Ladies, lead the way

Becky Frankiewicz, Manpower Group North America president and a guest Thursday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” indicated that the future is looking promising, with jobs stable across the country in “all 13 segments of the economy — whether travel and leisure, transportation, utility, we’re seeing growth across the board.”

Even so, along with a strange plateau of wages, another problem is that there is a serious skills gap. There are jobs, and good ones, but not enough skilled workers.

Women could play a role in filling that gap. With more than 70 percent of mothers working — 75 percent full time — and those same moms comprising 40 percent of sole earners, our women’s workforce is a strong demographic for retraining for that needed skill set. It’s time. The U.S. has lagged behind other industrialized nations when it comes to its female workforce. It’s time we all understand that women are a key component to the national GDP.

Furthermore, the future of the gross domestic product, as economists know it, is closely tied to the way children see their parents working — particularly, U.S. mothers, who have led the effort toward our own brand of GDP (great development of people) precisely when it comes to our nation’s youngest and most vulnerable people who themselves are filled with so much potential.

Moms play a powerful part, hands down, in laying the groundwork for our nation’s children and their future. When mothers continue to learn, their children benefit.

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