Closing the Skilled Trades Gap

As an owner of a construction company here in New Mexico, I am a champion for the construction trades. My company has trained hundreds of workers who earn good wage and are able to support their families, buy homes and contribute to the economy of this state.

Many workers left the construction industry following the construction downturn that accompanied the 2009 recession. At the same time, many traditional training paths into the skilled trades, such as high school vocational education programs, have been eliminated. And the construction industry is feeling the impact of baby boomer retirements with older workers leaving the workforce and taking their valuable skills with them.

The impact of the construction industry skills gap is felt not only by industry employers but other businesses and consumers as well. Shortages of skilled workers can have a significant impact on project timing and pricing. The ripple effect of the construction industry skills gap includes altering the way some firms will do business.

Click here to read Republican Gail Armstrong’s (New Mexico state representative for District 49, Catron, Socorro and Valencia counties) compelling editorial published on the  Santa Fe New Mexico website.

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