Innovative Companies Get Creative to Bridge the Skills Gap

If you’re concerned about the growing skills gap in the U.S., you’re far from alone: According to a recent CareerBuilder study, 2 in 3 employers are concerned about the growing skills gap in this country. Your fears aren’t unfounded, either. More than half of employers have seen a negative impact on business due to extended vacancies. In fact, it’s estimated that the skills gap costs companies nearly $1 million a year.

But just as tense as the search for skilled workers is the debate over who or what is to blame for the skills gap. Some say the gap is the result of a disconnect between employers and educators, leading to inadequate training; others assert that current wages aren’t enough to attract skilled talent to unfilled positions; while others point to job requirements being too narrowly defined.

Regardless of what’s causing the problem, companies around the country are actively working to be part of the solution. Through strategic partnerships with colleges and universities, community groups, youth organizations and government groups, these companies are doing their part to bring awareness, education and opportunities to untapped talent pools – and build a pipeline for the future.

Click here to read Mary Lorenz’s complete article published on the CareerBuilder website. 

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