Bridging sales-talent gap requires change in mindset

The Canadian ecosystem has grown incredibly over the past five to 10 years, especially in the tech sector, where we’re increasingly seeing game-changing innovations and international interest from investors.

 In fact, 2017 was a record year for investment in Canadian tech, with a total amount of funding reaching $2.7-billion and the average deal size spiking by 31 per cent from 2016.

However, we’re also experiencing a serious shortage in young sales talent – potentially becoming a significant barrier to long-term growth.

 Despite the fact that career openings in sales are on the rise, it continues to be ranked as one of the most difficult jobs to place. According to Manpower Group’s annual Talent Shortage Survey, sales ranked in the top-five hardest jobs to fill in Canada in 2016. And among the 10 broad occupational categories, sales and service occupations had the largest number of job vacancies in 2016, according to Workopolis.

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