Bridging the skills gap with strong leadership

“People don’t leave jobs, they leave bad managers.”

It’s a phrase everyone has heard, and the manufacturing world is no different. The real difference with manufacturing is the issue is actually even more dangerous than other industries because the skills gap is making it harder to replace a qualified operator, machinist or engineer.

The conversation about the skills gap facing manufacturing is not new. Revolutionary changes to address the issues surrounding higher education and skills training are necessary to successfully overcome it. However, in the meantime, manufacturers are left to address the issue of what to do now to attract, train, and retain talent.

Compounding the problem of a workforce shortage is the rapidly advancing technology used in manufacturing today. Continued automation, robotics, advanced programming, and even the disruption of additive manufacturing is creating an environment where manufacturers are left searching for engineers with skill sets that can evolve almost in real time with the technology.

So what can we do?

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