United Technologies Outlines Robust Workforce Development Program

By 2025, American manufacturers will have more than 3.5 million high-skilled open jobs—but will struggle to fill more than half of them.

Fortunately, NAM members like United Technologies are taking the lead and stepping up to help build the workforce of the future through big investments in new workforce development and training programs that will help develop the next generation of manufacturers.

Today, United Technologies announced they would hire 35,000 people in all 50 states and invest more than $15 billion in research and development and capital expenditures in the United States over the next 5 years alone.

But big expansion means a bigger workforce, which is why United Technologies also announced a game-changing investment in the way they develop employees.

United Technologies plans to ramp up investments in more than 30 U.S. workforce training programs across the nation, to help attract new workers and to help enhance the skills of their 67,000 employees.

These programs include apprenticeships, community college and high school partnerships and digital certificate programs, which help to inspire young adults and high school students and give them the tools they need to pursue careers in manufacturing. Participation in a development program often results in a job offer from United Technologies.

Click here to read more about United Technologies by Carolyn Lee published on the National Association of Manufacturers website. 

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