Colleges look to address specter of student debt

A Georgetown University study reports that by 2020, 65 percent of job vacancies will require some postsecondary education and training.

A total of 13 million, the report says will require a baccalaureate degree, while 7 million will require an associate’s degree and 6 million will require a graduate degree.

However, the study also notes, “Without major changes to the U.S. postsecondary education system, the economy will fall short 5 million workers with postsecondary degrees by 2020.”

Perhaps the biggest hurdle between students and the degrees that the study says they will need is student debt. According to US News, the average college graduate will start his or her professional life $26,000 in debt that will take 21 years to pay off. Moreover, a 2017 report by LendEDU ranked Pennsylvania No. 1 in student debt in the U.S., with an average debt of $35,185.

But the shadow of crippling student debt that seems to stifle today’s young people even before they get started in life need not place a college education out of the reach of today’s students.

Click here to read Nancy Lowry’s complete article published on the New Castle News website. 

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