Class of 2018: This year’s grads not seen as a skills gap solution

The class of 2018 is ready to enter the workforce, but many will do so without IT and tech skills employers need. Here’s how companies can help.

The newly minted graduates of the class of 2018 are about to enter the workforce, but according to new research from Future Workplace, many will do so without the necessary IT and technology skills employers need.

In a new study from The Learning House and Future Workplace titled “Closing the Skills Gap,” of the 600 U.S. human resources leaders surveyed, nearly half said that colleges aren’t preparing students for the working world. And that’s not good news for employers, more than half of whom indicated there is a skills gap in their organizations. Worse, more than a third believe that filling open positions this year has been harder than it was in 2017, with as many as 500 job openings going unfilled at 70 percent of the companies surveyed. Qualified candidates are becoming harder to find, especially for IT roles.

Click here to read Charon Florentine’s complete article published on the IT World website.

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