Industry hit by lack of CTE number of schools

In a day and age where most students are pressured to pursue a college degree regardless of their desire for higher education, it is important to educate students, along with the rest of the community, about other options, such as “skilled trade” paths.

A few occupations may come to mind when one thinks “trade jobs,” such as electricians, plumbers and construction workers. However, there are many other jobs that are considered to be a skilled trade — jobs such as dental hygienists, medical technicians, machinists and tool and die makers, just to name a few.

The skilled trade industry has grown over the years, but candidates for these jobs are lacking; younger generations are not aware of all their options post-high-school graduation. Most skilled trade jobs now require additional education, not just manual skills like before, to prepare students to join the workforce. These programs seek to refine skills students already possess in order to make them a valued asset. For these reasons, pursuing a skilled trade post-high school is a wise choice for many students.

Click here to read Mike Walker’s article pertaining to Dienamic Tooling Systems (a full-service tool and die shop, including an apprenticeship program for tool and die makers in in Roane County, TN) published on Roane County News website. 

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