Making The Learning Experience Student-Centered To Combat The Skills Gap From College To Career

When students are cognizant of the relevance between their education and their desired career, 63% are more likely to agree that their education was worth the cost and 50% are more likely to agree that they received a high-quality education. Today, however, college graduates are unable to make potential employers aware of the skills they’ve developed through their coursework and co-curricular activities, leading to dissatisfaction with the quality and value of their postsecondary education.

This skills gap, or what I’ve more precisely denoted as the “awareness gap,” is dangerous for the longevity of institutions and also the foundation of our educational system.  In fact, David Blake, CEO and chairman of Degreed, explains that “the business world is beginning to innovate and experiment with other ways to match the actual skills of a potential employee. We have seen skills-based credentials, micro-degrees, boot camps, and competency-based courses explode in the last few years. Skills are money, and we need more currency in today’s marketplace.”

Click here to read Troy Markowitz’s complete article published on the Forbes website.

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