Students Think They’re Ready For The Corporate World; Employers Disagree

Four years and about $25,550 in debt later, you’d think fresh graduates would be ready to join the corporate world. Students certainly think they are, but the companies hiring them disagree.

Many graduates don’t realize how ill-prepared they are for the corporate world, according to a survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). The biggest gap between the two group’s observations centered on work ethic and communication skills, where 89.4% and 79.4% of students rated themselves proficient respectively, but only about 40% of employers agreed in both cases. Employers weren’t totally unfair and biased in their ratings though, their ratings matched with the student’s proficiency rating on digital technology and teamwork.

The problem is students and employers have different ideas of career-readiness for a specific skillset. Fresh graduates may feel confident in their communication skills because they connect well with fellow students and professors. Texting and chatting with lots of emojis may have worked on campus, but workplace communications are different. Their essay writing skills might’ve gotten them an A+ but it’s not a guarantee they’ll be as effective when it comes to writing work emails and reports.

Click here to read Michelle Riklan’s complete article published on the Forbes website.

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