Perkins Reauthorization Bill Heads to President’s Desk


Earlier today (Wednesday, July 25), the House of Representatives passed legislation to reauthorize the Perkins Act. Following a successful vote on the measure in the Senate on Monday, the bill will now head to the president’s desk where he has indicated, both on Twitter and through a statement, that he will sign it into law.

Upon House passage, ACTE and Advance CTE issued a joint statement. Senate passage of the bill came after a recent flurry of activity, following a long impasse in the Senate largely focused on the issue of secretarial authority. Earlier this week we reported on the Senate action and linked to a letter ACTE and Advance CTE sent to congressional leaders regarding some outstanding concerns with the bill. The House had previously been more active on Perkins reauthorization, holding numerous hearings and approving legislation in 2016 and 2017.

ACTE hopes to continue working with the House and Senate to clarify certain aspects of the legislation to ensure there are no unintended consequences for states and locals. The bill will take effect on July 1 of next year, and will commence with a transition year.

As ACTE continues to monitor this process, clarification language from the House and Senate and the soon-to-be-law’s implementation, check back on the CTE Policy Watch Blog for updates.

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