Career Technical Education: A future with promise

Career & Technical Education in Idaho is not your grandfather’s shop class. It is high-skill, in-demand training that leads to high wages and satisfying careers that run the gamut from nursing and health care, business and accounting, hospitality, computer networking, robotics and high tech, agriculture and food processing, and to a wide range of skilled trades in construction and advanced manufacturing.


CTE programs resonate with students because the skills are obtained through applied learning. Every student has asked themselves two basic questions: “Why do I need to know this?” and “When am I going to use it?” The answers are simple: CTE instructors apply various subjects to real-world situations, enhancing students’ abilities to understand and retain information from science, math and English to technical training.

A student’s applied learning skills are put to use the first day on the job.

Our national leaders are helping with overwhelming bipartisan support for CTE even in these times of frequent partisan debate. Late last month, President Donald Trump signed the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (generally known as “Perkins V”) after Congress passed it on a unanimous voice vote in both the Senate and House. Federal funding helps make CTE programs available to students. The act also gives Idaho and other states more authority and autonomy to set performance goals for our state and increases what we can spend to address needs in rural communities.

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