Closing Greater Cleveland’s skills gap means opening minds to alternative paths to jobs and job skills: editorial

This holiday weekend focuses on working people. But Labor Day, which originated thanks to John Patterson Green, a Clevelander who was the first black member of the state Senate, is also a reminder that providing Greater Clevelanders with skills for today’s jobs is a route to regional progress.

It’s no secret there’s a mismatch between available job vacancies in Northeast Ohio and applicants with the requisite skills. It’s almost a commonplace to encounter men and women who lead prosperous enterprises but lament that they can’t find prospective employees with job-ready skills — who can also pass drug tests and get to sometimes distant suburban workplaces.

Solving this problem entails more than just matching training to needs. But doing better at training specifically for the good-paying jobs that are available would be a start.

Toward that end, it’s time to discard the view that only four-plus years of study beyond a high school diploma is what can write a young Ohioan’s ticket to his or her future.

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